New styles for Abercrombie & Fitch clothes

www.abercrombieadult.com-Its prime quality product was very fashionable with men.

When we talk of fashion and fashion clothing the very first name that comes into our mind is Abercrombie. One of the many oldest fashion houses on the planet abercrombie had got its fame for designing some rugged sports and camping gear wear in the past in 1890s. The founder in the Abercrombie brand was David Abercrombie who started Abercrombie Co. By 1900 Abercrombie was joined by Ezra Fitch and became Abercrombie Fitch Co.
Till 1960s Abercrombie Fitch was producing hunting and fishing apparels and gears. Its good quality product was increasingly popular with men. Some famous names like Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, and Ernest Hemingway sported Abercrombie Fitch brand. Hunting as a sport lost its popularity by 1960s and Abercrombie Fitch must recreate its product line. After a few setbacks, by 1992 Abercrombie Fitch bounced back with a complete new clothing line which appealed to the younger generation and teens. It came out with exclusive garments like logo T-shirts, cargo pants, and accessories which became a method symbol and a must- have in your wardrobe of young adults. The stores too became an attractive place to visit with blaring popular music and trained sales staff.
Abercrombie Fitch other than its original concept are generally classified more or less by age and are marketed through its subsidiaries which work beneath abercrombie and fitch brand. The first one is abercrombie which uses classic cool theme and suits age group of 9 to 14. The following is Hollister Co with À theme catering to get older of 16 to 25. Under this furthermore , it offers personal body care line. The 3rd is RUEHL No. 925 which uses ?Greenwich Village since its theme. This lines are meant for age group of 25 to 35. Leather purses and bags for female also come under this brand. Modern concept from Abercrombie is Gilly Hicks using Down Under? theme. It is made of lounge wear and underwear for women.
Abercrombie Fitch has a huge range of apparels for both males and females with accessories like bags, sandals, and hats. Abercrombie has wide range of mens products from hoodies and jackets to sweaters. The jackets also come in mostly khaki, olive, grey, and navy. They may be with or without fur collar. Hoodies can be found in attractive stripes and plains. They are denim in black, blue, or khaki with worn out or faded look. Shorts for men include plain or flowery prints with belts or strings. They've already smart lounge pants with strings and colorful T-shirts with Abercrombie logo.
As with men Abercrombie happens with a range of women apparels catering in the young generation. It offers womens coats, dress, hoodies, jeans, pants, polo, T-shirts, tops, and skirts. The jeans and skirts hold the typical rugged and weary looks. The jeans are low waist with skinny fit or flare. The skirts are mini with fleece glitter or plain look. Polos and t-shirts can be found in all colors with Abercrombie logo
Abercrombie and Fitch offers accessories like bags, belts, bikinis, footwear, and hats. abercrombie & fitch is than a fashion statement; it's really a life style adopted by the young generation. These have stores in Canada and identifying European outlets. They may have millions of customers prepared buy their apparels with sophisticated Abercrombie logo.



Par abercrombieadult le mardi 07 juin 2011


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